Throughout my journey I have questioned myself on numerous occasions when different moments of my life come to an abrupt halt. By moments, I am referring to relationships (both personal and interpersonal), jobs, clubs , whatever! The point is I have asked questions regarding the ending of these various tracks on the CD of my... Continue Reading →


Choose you!

          Choices, we all have them, and whether we admit it or not , we all want to be somebody's choice.  Do you desire to be the guy or girl's number one? Do you want to be the favorite child ? If you have answered yes to these ..... you are guilty... Continue Reading →

Dare to Dream

         Have you ever sat down and found yourself in a world completely opposite to your reality; I have done so many times. Growing up, my mom encouraged reading, she enrolled my sister and I into the public library system at a very young age. She would always say the books would... Continue Reading →

When the love of Biology becomes microscopic…

Biology had always been the easiest science to me , mostly because it entailed reading and understanding concepts. The only part I had difficulty digesting was plant biology; way too complicated for me. The xylem, phloem, blah, blah... too much. My first semester of college, I had registered for chemistry, Linear Algebra, Caribbean Civilization and Biology.... Continue Reading →

A Doctor ? Heck no lol

I cannot pinpoint a specific point in time where my appreciation for the sciences was born. What I do recall however, is that I had excelled at the sciences from as early as primary school. (I’m from the Caribbean, so there is Kindergarten, Primary /Preparatory School, High School and University/College respectively). So, in my young... Continue Reading →

My Passion?

Hmmmm ...... Where do I fit in, what is my passion? What is the best way to learn about one's self ? I thought I knew me, my likes, dislikes, my passion! Until last summer, everything I once thought to be true was dragged from under my feet. My university journey began with me studying the sciences,... Continue Reading →

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