When the love of Biology becomes microscopic…

Biology had always been the easiest science to me , mostly because it entailed reading and understanding concepts. The only part I had difficulty digesting was plant biology; way too complicated for me. The xylem, phloem, blah, blah… too much.

My first semester of college, I had registered for chemistry, Linear Algebra, Caribbean Civilization and Biology. The biology was chosen to make my life “easy”. 

I was so wrong !

My lab classes were scheduled for Fridays, they were six hours long. 

I would read for the labs and look at diagrams of the drawings to be made prior to carrying out the experiment. I would enter the lab hoping the time would decide to do a 100 m dash, glance around at the enthusiastic faces, pull on  my lab coat and sit attempting to listen to the instructor.

He was a nice guy, helpful and fun to be around. He’d point to the board and i would begin to think about all the things I had to do and the things I hadn’t completed. I forgot to eat before this six hour nose dive into the Atlantic, Math tutorial sheet was due. 

“OK class, begin” He ended.

Everyone would start looking into the microscope, so I would too. Sometimes they see things I could not see. I was seeing bubbles and noodles. After observing the slides, we were told to do biological drawings. I would google a picture of what I should be seeing, draw, annotate and submit.

I did not fail the course, thank God ! However I did not enjoy it, I was only doing it because I was use to doing only science. There was a part two for that course in the same semester, I dropped it as if my life depended on it and never looked back.

Lesson: If you find that you are forcing yourself to like something, its not for you. It is not your thing , do not be afraid to let go of what you know is not yours, because once you release it , you make room for your passion.



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