Dare to Dream

         Have you ever sat down and found yourself in a world completely opposite to your reality; I have done so many times. Growing up, my mom encouraged reading, she enrolled my sister and I into the public library system at a very young age. She would always say the books would open doors in our minds to other attainable realities.

        My sister and I went through books like  starved lions tore through captured prey. Coupled with all the extracurricular activities we would read up to ten books per week . On days when we weren’t reading, we would sit and talk for hours about our dreams and all the things we would like to accomplish.

For many being asked what are your dreams/ aspirations? What are some of your long term and short term goals?, can be really terrifying. Not because the questions are difficult, but because sometimes our dreams cannot be defined in a single way. Also at times our individual realities can be an albatross around the necks of our dreams. Maybe you are the first person in your family to think of attending university, or you want to be an entrepreneur or youtuber, or fashion designer ; whatever! 

Some dreams have to be unorthodox, because we live in a progressive world. If someone hadn’t thought of creating the computer and internet you would not be reading this today, and i’m sure that the individuals who had these remarkable ideas were seen as crazy at times.

I always had the most cliche answers to questions of this nature; at other times I would think that my goals wouldn’t be profound enough to speak aloud. Am I the only one who felt  like that growing up ?

In the back of my head, I would sometimes doubt my ability to achieve those goals. I would compare myself to others and think, “How didn’t I think of that?”, or “I could never start my own company at 16”. When I had thoughts like these bouncing around in my mind, coupled with the fact that I still wasn’t 100% what I wanted to do (but I knew what I liked), fear would be erupting from the seams of my soul.

I have learnt that it is important to remain intrinsically motivated and  that one of the most self destructive practices is to compare yourself to others. Setting simple short term goals can also help to motivate you, something as simple as waking up early and making a list of things you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Strategies such as this help to shape the habit of achieving your goals. One can also connect all the short term goals to a long term goal, so that each day, week, month or year you are making strides towards your long term goal.

We are all on our own path, how we get to our final destination is dependent on the decisions we make and how we make use of the opportunities given to us, our paths may overlap but everyone’s journey will be different.




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