5 ways to make your study timetable work!

As we prepare for the curtains to be drawn on semester one, myself and others pace anxiously waiting for our examinations to begin, the last hurdle before the holidays. The gun has been shot and the mad rush to find lecturers to excavate clues about the final exam , bomb rushing of the final lectures after missing all the classes but somehow managing to be there for the last one has began. If you are like me, you sat for hours watching various back to school vlogs or reading blogs, promising yourself that the semester end routine would not befall you.

You probably made vision boards, bought student planners, set various alarms for whatever reason, drowned yourself in sticky notes …. the whole works ! Ha !

….. And Lets not forget the trusty study timetable lol….. I can’t count the number of times I have tried making study timetables. If I was being paid for the research I put into developing a study timetable and learning how to stick to one, I would be a millionaire.

Here are 5 tips that will serve as a saving grace as you approach your end of semester exams

  1. Be Realistic

You will not always complete every task in the assigned time slot. I have beat myself up so many times when math isn’t completed by 10am, so I can begin French at 10:15 am.

The point of the timetable should be to ensure that each day is productive, it should hold you accountable without feeling like a burden.

  1. Be Flexible

The typical study timetable has a subject or topic in a specific time slot……. Ahhh jeez hun, some days/ nights you’re gonna wake up and not feel like studying economics, and if you don’t that’s ok! Just get something done. I suggest making a timetable with notes that are movable. The goal is to get your As’, how you get it is completely up to you. Don’t be afraid to shake it up.

  1. Time Choices

The best hours for me are 6am-9am, 6pm-9pm and 9pm -1am. Those 10 hours for me are the best, I get the most work done ….. I can feel the 4.0 running through my veins!

BUT that’s ME. Find out what works for you, I ensure that I am filling in the hardest courses in those times slots. For the 14 hours remaining I go about my day, depending on the need I attempt an extra hour of reading. Just be sure that you’re not choosing hours like 4am to get up, when you know for sure its beyond what you are able to manage.

  1. Reminders

It is not always the best feeling to be in the middle of something fun, or being without your study materials at the time your alarm goes off notifying your study time.

For this reason, it is important to have reminders that go off 15-20 minutes before so that you can begin preparing your mind and your environment for study. It also makes it less of a hassle, as you have enough time to grab your favourite snack, put on some music or change into comfy clothing.

  1. Sleep

It is important to rest before and after examinations, Cramming is never a good idea as your brain does not have enough time to process and retain all the information.

Although the exact mechanisms are not known, learning and memory are often described in terms of three functions. Acquisition refers to the introduction of new information into the brain. Consolidation represents the processes by which a memory becomes stable. Recall refers to the ability to access the information (whether consciously or unconsciously) after it has been stored. ( http://healthysleep.med.harvard.edu/healthy/matters/benefits-of-sleep/learning-memory)



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