Throughout my journey I have questioned myself on numerous occasions when different moments of my life come to an abrupt halt. By moments, I am referring to relationships (both personal and interpersonal), jobs, clubs , whatever! The point is I have asked questions regarding the ending of these various tracks on the CD of my life.

There were times when I would ask myself, “Why did this situation turn out this way?” or “How could I have avoided this?”

What would occur next, was what some refered to as the first sign of madness. I would hear a tiny voice answer, “you know, you allowed this to happen”, or “this is absolutely positively your fault.”

It is imperative that as individuals we take responsibility for our actions; that is, acknowledging and accepting the consequences that accompany certain behaviors. By doing this we develop respect for ourselves and others. In the same breath it is crucial that as individuals we are able to identify the traps of self-reproach.

Let me explain…..

Blaming yourself … sounds familiar? This is possibly the worst form of emotional abuse. WE literally amplify the inadequacies we perceive in ourselves and use them to analyze and justify some situations that are completely out of our control.

You have two hands, and both should be used to carry the responsibilities for your own actions.The action of others is a result of their own choice.

Like the seasons, every person and situation we encounter are there to teach us lessons. The effect of some are more lasting than others.

  • Spring- There is always a chance to start over
  • Summer- Make use of every opportunity.
  • Autumn- Embrace change
  • Winter- The sun will shine again

Whats the best advice you have given yourself?  Are you open to the idea of people entering and leaving your life for a specific reason?


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