The One


It lingers in his eyes and dances on every spoken word. In him there is comfort, just like he promised.

In your darkest of days He will never leave you or forsake you.


Without him it simply does not exist,

His joy is your strength,which is made perfect in your weakness

It is in him that we live, move and have our being

Jesus Christ,


Time Management

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much time goes unaccounted for daily? I know I have.

It’s amazing how time flies by when you get caught in the scrolling web, I used to open Instagram or Pinterest with the intention of looking for just a few minutes and with just one blink an hour would be gone. Or when I say I’m “wrapping up a conversation with my best friends” those can go on forever.

If you’re like me noticing that you’ve wasted half the day makes you uneasy and tends to make the whole day more difficult. You realize you procrastinated starting your paper, you didn’t complete your errands, you were suppose to read before going to class or even forgot about an appointment and the rest of the day is spent trying to make up for lost time.

Here are a few tips that make my days more productive

Set goals for the day

You may do this at the beginning of the day or the night before. When I wake up, I spend a few minutes thinking about the things I need to do and the things I want to do. I make to do lists because I get to ✔️ the things I accomplish.

Be realistic

You have to be real with yourself, I believe that as humans we are limitless, however we are not perfect. So for example if your goal is to start exercising and you’ve never been to the gym or worked out 💪 just know it is impossible for you to lift 70 lbs and kill 100 ab crunches that day. Keeping this in mind will prevent disappointment at the end of the day.

Allot time for each task

Some tasks take a lot more time than others, reading for a paper may take up to three hours while a making the bed may take only five minutes. I try to get as many smaller tasks done as possible in order to maximize the time I have to get my school work done (it all depends on your lifestyle).

Take breaks

I need breaks, I cannot focus on one thing for hours (funny how I don’t say this about Instagram or YouTube) for example when I’m studying I can read for like four hours after that I need to walk around, eat, watch a video; something. Make these breaks no longer than twenty minutes

Be patient with yourself

You can do everything stated above and still not accomplish all the goals you set for the day. The point is to get as many things done in the day. You won’t always get it right, however,as long as you’re learning and improving daily you’re not failing.

Try to do this everyday

– Dani

Background Noise

It is so easy to become distracted by the noise around you. When I say noise I am referring to the noise of other people’s opinions, their thoughts about what you should do with your life, also the noise of the media that at times drives some to think they are not where they should be.

I’ve been a victim of these noises, I judge myself so hard which has led to me struggling with anxiety and at times a lack of trust in God. Now more than ever we have quick access to the lives of others through social media , well the part they choose to show.

For this reason I encourage anyone whose trapped in the circle of comparing yourself to others or judging yourself based on their accomplishments to stop right now. Set your goals and set plans to accomplish them you’ll be fine 🤗


Life’s various phases are sometimes accompanied by tumultuous events that shake our world. You’re walking along your path and suddenly you’re knocked off your feet by angry waves of : depression, loss, anxiety, fear, Different characters start to act contrary to the role they play in your life which causes questions regarding their loyalty and love to surface.

It is in these moments that your perspective becomes imperative. What is your ultimate goal? You cannot allow the speed bumps to let you lose sight of your purpose .No journey is ever a hundred percent smooth be it by car, airplane or ship and it is the same with your journey through life. However hard it may be, we have to remember to trust in God who is our ultimate source of strength during these circumstances.


Throughout my journey I have questioned myself on numerous occasions when different moments of my life come to an abrupt halt. By moments, I am referring to relationships (both personal and interpersonal), jobs, clubs , whatever! The point is I have asked questions regarding the ending of these various tracks on the CD of my life.

There were times when I would ask myself, “Why did this situation turn out this way?” or “How could I have avoided this?”

What would occur next, was what some refered to as the first sign of madness. I would hear a tiny voice answer, “you know, you allowed this to happen”, or “this is absolutely positively your fault.”

It is imperative that as individuals we take responsibility for our actions; that is, acknowledging and accepting the consequences that accompany certain behaviors. By doing this we develop respect for ourselves and others. In the same breath it is crucial that as individuals we are able to identify the traps of self-reproach.

Let me explain…..

Blaming yourself … sounds familiar? This is possibly the worst form of emotional abuse. WE literally amplify the inadequacies we perceive in ourselves and use them to analyze and justify some situations that are completely out of our control.

You have two hands, and both should be used to carry the responsibilities for your own actions.The action of others is a result of their own choice.

Like the seasons, every person and situation we encounter are there to teach us lessons. The effect of some are more lasting than others.

  • Spring- There is always a chance to start over
  • Summer- Make use of every opportunity.
  • Autumn- Embrace change
  • Winter- The sun will shine again

Whats the best advice you have given yourself?  Are you open to the idea of people entering and leaving your life for a specific reason?


Choose you!

          Choices, we all have them, and whether we admit it or not , we all want to be somebody’s choice. 

Do you desire to be the guy or girl’s number one?

Do you want to be the favorite child ?

If you have answered yes to these ….. you are guilty !

          What if you aren’t chosen? You see, we all have to be cognizant of the fact that the action of others are completely out of our control. As humans we have the ability and the right to take charge of our lives, this includes but is not limited to our happiness and the people we want to be on our journey. For this reason, it is important to recognize that the ‘choice’ may not be you.

You probably won’t be number one.

You most definitely may not be the favorite child.

      What do you do? …….. Choose you!

Choose your happiness and endeavor to make it independent of the actions and feelings of others. Once you are comfortable with yourself , and you are facing each situation with grace and positivity then you will be better equipped to handle the choice of others.

You should always be your first choice, true validation comes from within.

How do you handle rejection? let me know in the comments.