Background Noise

It is so easy to become distracted by the noise around you. When I say noise I am referring to the noise of other people's opinions, their thoughts about what you should do with your life, also the noise of the media that at times drives some to think they are not where they should... Continue Reading →



Life's various phases are sometimes accompanied by tumultuous events that shake our world. You're walking along your path and suddenly you're knocked off your feet by angry waves of : depression, loss, anxiety, fear, Different characters start to act contrary to the role they play in your life which causes questions regarding their loyalty and... Continue Reading →


Throughout my journey I have questioned myself on numerous occasions when different moments of my life come to an abrupt halt. By moments, I am referring to relationships (both personal and interpersonal), jobs, clubs , whatever! The point is I have asked questions regarding the ending of these various tracks on the CD of my... Continue Reading →

Choose you!

          Choices, we all have them, and whether we admit it or not , we all want to be somebody's choice.  Do you desire to be the guy or girl's number one? Do you want to be the favorite child ? If you have answered yes to these ..... you are guilty... Continue Reading →

Dare to Dream

         Have you ever sat down and found yourself in a world completely opposite to your reality; I have done so many times. Growing up, my mom encouraged reading, she enrolled my sister and I into the public library system at a very young age. She would always say the books would... Continue Reading →

When the love of Biology becomes microscopic…

Biology had always been the easiest science to me , mostly because it entailed reading and understanding concepts. The only part I had difficulty digesting was plant biology; way too complicated for me. The xylem, phloem, blah, blah... too much. My first semester of college, I had registered for chemistry, Linear Algebra, Caribbean Civilization and Biology.... Continue Reading →

A Doctor ? Heck no lol

I cannot pinpoint a specific point in time where my appreciation for the sciences was born. What I do recall however, is that I had excelled at the sciences from as early as primary school. (I’m from the Caribbean, so there is Kindergarten, Primary /Preparatory School, High School and University/College respectively). So, in my young... Continue Reading →

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