When the love of Biology becomes microscopic…

Biology had always been the easiest science to me , mostly because it entailed reading and understanding concepts. The only part I had difficulty digesting was plant biology; way too complicated for me. The xylem, phloem, blah, blah… too much.

My first semester of college, I had registered for chemistry, Linear Algebra, Caribbean Civilization and Biology. The biology was chosen to make my life “easy”. 

I was so wrong !

My lab classes were scheduled for Fridays, they were six hours long. 

I would read for the labs and look at diagrams of the drawings to be made prior to carrying out the experiment. I would enter the lab hoping the time would decide to do a 100 m dash, glance around at the enthusiastic faces, pull on  my lab coat and sit attempting to listen to the instructor.

He was a nice guy, helpful and fun to be around. He’d point to the board and i would begin to think about all the things I had to do and the things I hadn’t completed. I forgot to eat before this six hour nose dive into the Atlantic, Math tutorial sheet was due. 

“OK class, begin” He ended.

Everyone would start looking into the microscope, so I would too. Sometimes they see things I could not see. I was seeing bubbles and noodles. After observing the slides, we were told to do biological drawings. I would google a picture of what I should be seeing, draw, annotate and submit.

I did not fail the course, thank God ! However I did not enjoy it, I was only doing it because I was use to doing only science. There was a part two for that course in the same semester, I dropped it as if my life depended on it and never looked back.

Lesson: If you find that you are forcing yourself to like something, its not for you. It is not your thing , do not be afraid to let go of what you know is not yours, because once you release it , you make room for your passion.



A Doctor ? Heck no lol

I cannot pinpoint a specific point in time where my appreciation for the sciences was born. What I do recall however, is that I had excelled at the sciences from as early as primary school. (I’m from the Caribbean, so there is Kindergarten, Primary /Preparatory School, High School and University/College respectively). So, in my young mind I had always said I would become a paediatrician.

Teacher:” Students, what would you like to become in the future?”

Me: A paediatrician!

I loved visiting my paediatrician; I loved her office, the toys, her vehicle, everything. She became my role model.

            When I got to high school, I was introduced to a plethora of subjects. In my first year I can remember doing about sixteen this continued until my third year of high school. At the end of the third year, we were given a sheet of paper which had on it all the possible subjects we could sit in the C.S.E.C (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) examinations. I remember how I frowned upon students who were choosing subjects that fell under the social sciences umbrella, because I couldn’t see solid career paths attached to those subjects. I never thought one’s interest was necessary when choosing a career. I had my extracurricular activities separate and apart from my career choices. All the years I spent in the choir, girls guide, red cross, music club, I never once thought my career could lie on that side of the box.

      I mean, I should have known medicine was not for me. I hated blood, didn’t care for the hospital or any thing that had to do with illnesses – ugh the thought! I remember when recruiters from universities came to the school, I collected a brochure that outlined the courses and requirements for the MBBS  (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) program, saw that the length of study was five years and I think an additional two or three to specialize (wooow). I spoke to to friends of mine, who at the time were studying medicine and that’s when I saw the part of the program I dreaded – Anatomy. They told me about the lab classes, the bodies they saw; I was mortified (I don’t even like funerals). Then my grandmother passed away, that was difficult for my family, I couldn’t even look at her in the coffin, my dream of pursuing medicine died with her.

            I stuck with the sciences though! Engineering was up next, applied to the University, got an offer and didn’t take it. Went to my dream university instead and was enrolled to study Environmental Chemistry.

Things I learnt up to the point of starting university

  • Be open to change

Love Dani

My Passion?

Hmmmm …… Where do I fit in, what is my passion?

What is the best way to learn about one’s self ? I thought I knew me, my likes, dislikes, my passion!

Until last summer, everything I once thought to be true was dragged from under my feet. My university journey began with me studying the sciences, I was to pursue a major in Environmental chemistry. I was anxious because my choice had been made after I had given up on paediatrics and Chemical engineering. I went to school daily because I had to, because I was determined to do well – failure was not an option. With each passing month of the semester my interest faded; I no longer wanted to go to classes or attend tutorials. At ending of each class, I felt like I had been awarded an Olympic medal. Finals came and went, I had gotten a C average (first ever in life!), I was humiliated, I didn’t even tell my mom.

The second semester was even worse! I failed two courses and my GPA plummeted into an oblivion.

Fast forward to summer! …. I traveled for the first time, and with each passing day I learnt something new about me. I realized I loved languages (I’ll fill you guys in later), I love to travel and meet new people…. food, music, politics …. everything but what I had dedicated my life to THE SCIENCES. Emotionally I was a wreck……. I dreaded returning home because was unable to register for courses within the faculty because of my grades. So, I decided to look for courses outside of my faculty. God was definitely on my side because, I had no idea what I was doing. When I returned home, I dived into my classes with vigor!…… I jumped at the second chance, and I’m glad I did …… GPA improved,,, loving the classes ,,, still trying to figure out who I am and what I like  ….. maybe this will help … who knows …….



PS: I’m new at this ……